carrier air conditioner

Andrew of Saint Paul, MN on Dec. 22, 2016Satisfaction RatingI had the unfortunate experience of replacing two furnaces this year. One was a 12-year old Bryant and the other was a 7-year old Carrier. In both cases, the heat exchanger failed prematurely. In both cases, the technicians informed me that this is a known issue […]

what is a hepa filter

HEPA is an acronym for “high efficiency particulate air”. Basically HEPA is a type of filter that can trap a large amount of very small particles that other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air of your home. There are a couple of different categories of HEPA filters that can make understanding the […]

spectre air filter

Info Return Information Manufacturer Info Features Spectre air filters are designed for your specific year, make and model Boost airflow to increase horsepower while filtering harmful particles 50-state legal and will not void your vehicle warranty Oiled design-Clean and reuse your air filter for years Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Description A Spectre Air Filter […]

portable air conditioner pc richards

If you can’t install an air conditioner in your window or through a wall, then portable air conditioners are a great solution. Portables work just like all other air conditioners: they cool, dehumidify, and filter the air in your room. Also like any other air conditioner, however, that hot humid air must go somewhere… so […]

furnace and air conditioner

Air Conditioner + Furnace Matched Systems Contact a dealer to find out if a matched system is right for your home. Find a Dealer An air conditioner and furnace is a popular matched system in the Northeast, the Midwest and some places in the South. What does an air conditioner do? Connected to the inside […]

spell air conditioner

The air conditioner in this office doesn”t work. Le climatiseur dans Ce bureau ne travaille pas. The air conditioner was loud, and it smelled like wet dog sweater. Le climatiseur était trop bruyant, et ça sentait la literie de chien. I wouldn’t call tearing wiring out of your neighbor’s air conditioner “finding.” Je n’appellerais pas […]

14000 btu air conditioner

I bought the 12,000 btu unit last year when my central HVAC went out. Looking forward to another sweltering summer in South Carolina, I purchased the 14,000 but unit this year. I've tested it to make sure it's in working order, which it is. The one remarkable difference between this and the 12,000 btu is […]

frigidaire window air conditioner troubleshooting

Common HVAC Problems Solutions to Try Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Heat Pump Troubleshooting Furnace Blowing Cold Air / Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air I Have Hot and Cold Spots in My Home Uncomfortable Humidity in Home HVAC Won’t Turn Off Poor Indoor Air Quality There is an Unpleasant Odor Coming From My […]

jenn air water filter

Water Filters for RefrigeratorsPeople shop our selection of refrigerator water filters for many reasons. We provide our customers with a gathering of well-known brands that they can depend on. After all, every customer is looking for the best possible fridge water filter for his or her household. The products in our fridge water filter selection […]

how much is a portable air conditioner

Another side effect is that a portable AC’s exhaust system wastes a bunch of cold air. Other types of ACs keep indoor and outdoor air almost totally separate: The indoor air gets cooled by the evaporator, the outdoor air takes the heat off the condenser. But a portable AC uses some indoor air—which it already […]