Do Weighted Blankets make you hot?


Do Weighted Blankets make you hot? If you tend to sleep hot and it’s time to change your mattress, you’ve got your work cut out for you because of how difficult it will be to find a new one. You should look for one that is comfortable and inviting, but it shouldn’t be so plush that it causes you to sink in and bake in your body heat. On the other hand, you do not want a mattress that has excellent ventilation but is so firm that you might as well be sleeping on the ground! Many mattresses include cooling features to help achieve a balance but wading through all the lingo to discover what works can be exhausting itself.

Don’t worry about it too much. When it comes to knowing what makes a great cooling mattress, we are experts in the field. We took the mattresses of our rivals and dismantled them with chainsaws to find out what it is that makes them so successful before we built our own. This summer, when temperatures and heat indexes are expected to surge into the triple digits, many consumers who are desperate for sleep may be weary and thinking, “Are weighted blankets hot?” Because let’s be honest, the idea of having to wear any further clothing throughout this summer is intolerable. In addition, a weighted blanket that is too hot might make the symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety, or hypersensitivity to sensory input much worse for people who already struggle with these conditions. Weighted blankets are designed to alleviate these issues. Those people who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep during the warm summer months, as well as those who easily become too hot at night, may find that investing in a high-quality cooling weighted blanket is an excellent choice.

Do weighted blankets make you hot?

It is not a pleasant experience to come to in the middle of the night after having a deep sleep covered in sweat. We have some excellent news for anyone who has been looking for the ideal weighted blanket for the summer, or who has just been wondering whether or not it is even possible to find a weighted blanket that does not cause the body temperature to fluctuate.

Do weighted blankets make you hot? Certainly not in every case. There is no inherent connection between using a weighted blanket and experiencing night sweats or hot flashes. Numerous weighted cooling blankets are available on the market for this particular purpose. Let’s have a look at the various styles of weighted blankets that are available with the intention of regulating one’s body temperature.

Are Weighted Blankets Good for Hot Sleepers?

Even people who have trouble staying cool at night can reap the benefits of using a quality weighted blanket. These advantages are universal. Then, might people who tend to get too hot throughout the night benefit from using weighted blankets? The simple answer is that it is. There are many different solutions available to accommodate a wide range of climatic conditions and individual preferences regarding temperature. The ability of a quality weighted blanket to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and insomnia can be of use to everyone, including those who have trouble maintaining a comfortable body temperature throughout the night.

Analyze the Components Used in the Weighted Blanket

The warmth of the blanket will be determined in large part by its construction as well as the material it is made of. In addition, the majority of weighted blankets come with a cover that can be removed and washed. Therefore, you should consider both the material used for the cover and the weighted blanket on its own. Synthetic materials, such as mink or fleece, are used in the construction of many weighted blankets. These fabrics do not breathe as effectively as natural textiles. If you are concerned about becoming overheated, it is recommended that you steer clear of the following options for cloth. Another typical type of fabric that is utilized in weighted blankets that can retain heat is flannel. During the winter months, these blankets are wonderful alternatives to consider. However, during the warmer months or for people who struggle with night sweats or hot flushes, they could be too hot to wear.

Is There a Weighted Blanket That Isn’t Hot?

When used during the warmer months, a weighted blanket may give the impression of being uncomfortably warm. There are, however, alternatives available for those who tend to sleep overheated and for those sweltering summer nights. When searching for the ideal blanket to use under your covers without succumbing to suffocation due to the heat, take some of these recommendations into mind.

Will You Get Sweaty Because of Your Weighted Blanket?

In hot or humid locations, this may cause you to sweat, but that’s likely going to be the case with any bedspread or blanket you use. On the other hand, if you generally don’t sweat at all during the night, you shouldn’t have any problems. You will stay warmer if you use any type of blanket to cover your body while you sleep as opposed to not using a blanket at all. However, there is no guarantee that weighted blankets will be warmer than regular blankets. You can experience the feeling of safety even without the additional warmth.

Tips to help keep you cool in bed

While you sleep, here are some suggestions to help you maintain a comfortable body temperature:

  • Before going to bed, take a refreshing shower to bring your core temperature down.
  • Bare your skin or wear light clothing (wink, wink)
  • If you have access to fans or air conditioning, turn them on.
  • Put a stop to the production of heat by any appliances.
  • Caffeine and alcohol usage should be limited.
  • Before going to bed, have a glass of ice-cold water.

All Season Weighted Blankets

The vast majority of customers desire a weighted blanket that can be used year-round, not simply during the chilly winter months when the idea of wrapping oneself in a thick blanket sounds comforting. When using one of these blankets, the fabric that covers the weighted blanket plays a significantly larger role in determining how much of an effect it has on the user’s body temperature. In actuality, the weight of the blanket itself is not what makes it warm. Fleece and flannel are examples of materials that most people should avoid wearing when the temperature is high because they trap heat. When wearing a weighted blanket cover or a duvet that retains heat, it is very simple to become overheated during the night. When attempting to get some shut-eye, it is neither healthy nor comfortable to allow your body temperature to rise to dangerously high levels. Consider using materials that do not retain heat, such as fibers derived from bamboo, eucalyptus, or a blend of cotton and polyester, if you want a weighted blanket that can be used throughout the year. Setting the thermostat a few degrees lower at night can also be a useful rule of thumb for persons who are prone to overheating when using a weighted blanket. This can assist the individual in remaining comfortable and in getting a good night’s sleep.

How Excessive Heat Affects One’s Capacity to Sleep

A lower core temperature makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. The fact that our bodies begin to cool down at night is what signals to our brains that it is time for us to go to sleep. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains the symptoms of sleeplessness that coincide with anomalies in the rhythm of the body’s temperature. Insomniacs have a core body temperature that is noticeably higher than individuals who routinely obtain the appropriate amount of restorative sleep. This finding was presented in another study that was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. When you go to bed too hot, falling asleep won’t be the only difficulty you face that night. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or sleeping fitfully all through the night. It’s possible that your blanket is causing you to overheat at night because it keeps in too much of your body heat, or that your natural temperature is higher than it should be. Some people’s bodies naturally run hotter or they experience periods of greater temperatures, such as women who are going through the premenopausal transition and experiencing hot flashes. If you are feeling under the weather or you live in a warmer climate, your body temperature throughout the night may also be greater.

Some of the Best Cooling Mattresses

The Hush Mattress

To save some time, we’ll begin with the mattress that we consider to be the most effective at regulating temperature, which is the Hush mattress. We set out to create a mattress that is both the most comfortable and the most breathable that money can buy, and we believe that we have succeeded.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Eight Sleep uses a different strategy than most other manufacturers of cooling mattresses, including ourselves, which rely on the materials and design of the mattress to bring the temperature down. The Sleep Pod Pro is a high-tech mattress that utilizes technology to both regulate the temperature of the bed and provide feedback on the quality of your nightly slumber. The knit polyester cover of the Sleep Pod Pro mattress conceals a network of sensors and water tubes beneath the mattress itself. This grid is attached to a hub that is connected to Wi-Fi that actively warms, cools, and pumps water around the grid to heat and cool the bed based on the parameters that you pick in the right app. During the night, the sensors monitor your activity as well as your core temperature and send the collected data as well as any recommendations to the app.

Ghostbed Luxe

The Ghostbed Luxe has a texture that is more on the “plush” side of what is considered “medium-firm.” The quilted cover of the Luxe features a layer of aerated gel memory foam, as well as phase change material and a material that the manufacturer refers to as “Ghost Ice” fabric. In the comfort layer, there is one more layer of gel memory foam above further layers of the Ghost Ice fabric. The transition layer has good responsiveness while also maintaining some degree of cushioning. The support provided by the Luxe is provided by a foundation layer of high-density memory foam. The Luxe is a mattress that allows you to completely submerge into it. Those who prefer to sleep on their sides will most likely find it to be fairly pleasant. Those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or backs may discover that the Luxe sinks a little bit too much in the hips and may want to consider switching to a different mattress. The Luxe is an all-foam mattress, so it has low motion transmission, which helps to keep disturbances between partners to a minimum. The Ghostbed Luxe, in addition to a good number of the other mattresses on this list, has been validated to make use of components that are free of potentially hazardous substances.

The Endy Mattress

The Endy is a mattress made entirely of memory foam, and it has a texture that can be described as being very soft and very firm. The box that it comes in even has a maple leaf printed on it. The cover of the mattress is made up of 97% polyester and spandex, and it can be removed to reveal three layers of memory foam underneath. The top layer is comprised of open-cell memory foam, which not only permits airflow but also contributes to the temperature regulation process. The transition layer is constructed out of a polyfoam that is sensitive, while the support layer is of a larger density and serves to provide support for the body. The Endy only uses materials that have been verified to be free of any potentially hazardous compounds during the manufacturing process. The Endy offers a comfortable feel that strikes a good mix between softness and support. Because it is made entirely of foam, this mattress has a low-motion transmission, which is an advantage for those who share a bed. Those who sleep on their sides will find the padding this mattress offers particularly beneficial to their shoulders and hips. The Endy has the perfect combination of support and softness, making it an excellent choice for combo sleepers who shift positions frequently during the night. However, those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, as well as heavier persons, may discover that this mattress is excessively soft.

Casper Wave Snow

One of the most well-known brands of mattresses-in-a-box available today is Casper, which was founded in 2014. Their cooling mattress is called the Wave Snow, and it is a hybrid mattress with a medium level of firmness. It strives to live up to its “snow” name by keeping you at an ice temperature. The comfort layer of the Wave Snow mattress is constructed out of a memory foam that has been perforated and then infused with cooling gel and phase change material. The transition layer is made of natural latex and incorporates thin bands of graphite that help to transmit heat away from the body. The support layer of the Wave Snow is comprised of polyfoam, and it features gel pods encircling the core of the mattress. These gel pods provide additional support for your waist and lower back. All of these components are supported by a base layer made of pocketed steel coils, which not only contribute to bounce but also move heat away from your body. In the construction of the Wave Snow, Casper only makes use of components that have been verified to be free of potentially dangerous substances. Additionally, they conduct tests on its foam to verify that it emits low levels of VOCs. The Casper Wave Snow is constructed to ensure that your back remains in its natural position. The gel pods and coils that are found in the support and base layers of the mattress will provide those who sleep on their backs with an optimal combination of cushioning and support. Additionally, those who sleep on their sides will discover that this mattress offers a significant degree of pressure reduction in the hips and shoulders. On the other side, those who sleep on their bellies may discover that they sink into this mattress a little too much for their comfort. The fact that it is a hybrid mattress means that it isolates motion quite well, which is a benefit for couples.

The Douglas

Mattresses are produced under a variety of different names by, including Douglas, which is one of those brands. It is an all-memory foam mattress with a medium-firm texture that has a feel that is more on the plush side of the firm. The comfort layer is constructed of a low-carbon foam that has cooling gel incorporated into it. This layer is referred to by the firm as eco light. This rests on an Elastex transition layer that was created to provide some bounce to the overall structure. To provide adequate support for the layers that are stacked on top of it, the foundation layer consists of high-density polyfoam. Additionally, the Douglas mattress has been validated as being free of potentially hazardous chemicals. People who sleep on their sides or who shift positions frequently throughout the night are suitable candidates for this option. It gives your shoulders and hips the right amount of support without preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress, which makes it easier to get up and move around. It is comparable to many memory foam mattresses in terms of the motion isolation it provides. On the other side, those who sleep on their stomachs or backs might require a little bit more support than what Douglas provides. The same is true for people who carry more weight.

Which Types of Blankets Are Ideal for People Who Sleep Warmer?

Weighted Blanket with Various Degrees of Comfort

The Varying Levels of Contentment a weighted blanket typically comes with two distinct covers: one that is designed for use in warmer climates, and another that is designed for use in cooler temperatures. This is one of the most well-liked weighted blankets that may be used in any season. The first cover for the weighted blanket is made of flannel, making it suitable for usage on nights when the temperature is lower. The second cover, on the other hand, is constructed using their CoolMax Microfiber technology, which provides for more airflow. On hotter nights, this makes for a more pleasant and refreshing experience overall.

YnM Weighted Blanket with Cooling Technology

The YnM Cooling weighted blanket is yet another fantastic option for warm sleepers who prefer to use a weighted blanket. The construction of a blanket is made for people who sleep when hot and sweaty. The use of a bamboo fabric that is breathable and draws perspiration away from the body helps to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night. It is claimed that using this blanket instead of a traditional cotton-based one will keep you 1–3 degrees cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weight should it have?

The weight of weighed blankets ought to be equal to 10% of the user’s body weight plus one to two additional pounds. Find here additional information on how to select a weighted blanket.

Is it true that using a weighted blanket helps you sleep better?

Yes, they can help reduce feelings of anxiety and sleeplessness, thereby assisting individuals in achieving an overall sense of well-being as well as improved sleep quality.

Are weighted blankets safe for use by children?

Yes, children can use weighted blankets, and in fact, these blankets are frequently used as a treatment for illnesses that are common in children, such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sensory sensitivities. On the other hand, infants or toddlers who are younger than two years old must never use a weighted blanket.

Will the extra weight of the blanket cause me to overheat?

Certainly not in every case. As was discussed earlier, a significant amount of that is determined by the kind of external material that is utilized for the blankets. A duvet made of cotton or bamboo can assist in temperature regulation and contribute to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Will I experience more heat flashes as a result?

Many women who suffer from hot flashes as a result of hormone imbalance or menopause may also suffer from other symptoms, such as insomnia, which makes it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep during this time of life. One of these cooling or all-season solutions may be a suitable fit for ladies who get hot flashes at night. These options can assist folks in maintaining their body temperature while allowing them to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot To Sleep Under?

Although weighted blankets are by definition heavier than regular blankets, this does not necessarily mean that they are additionally warm. Weighted blankets, in contrast to electric heated blankets, do not come with any heat settings and are not designed to provide heat in any way. You won’t find any heat settings or buttons to turn the blanket off as you would on a heating blanket. Because of this, you’ll need to select a blanket that can work with your body temperature to maintain comfort. The fabric and the filling of your weighted blanket are the factors that decide whether or not the blanket generates and retains an excessive amount of heat. So, do weighted blankets make you overheat? That is dependent on the material that they utilize as well as the filler.

Do weighted blankets make you sweat more?

Flannel or fleece may have a cuddly feel to the touch, but a weighted blanket made from either of these fabrics may result in an uncomfortable level of warmth.

Can weighted blankets cause night sweats?

Because of its weight, weighted blankets can cause their users to overheat while they sleep by retaining body heat and moisture.

Why do I overheat when I sleep?

Why Do We Get So Hot When We Sleep? The design has a significant role in the phenomenon known as “sleeping hot.” During the night, our core temperature decreases by a few of degrees, releasing heat into the surroundings around us. Certain sheets and mattresses trap the heat and moisture that is around us, making it difficult for us to be comfortable.

Can I use a weighted blanket in the summer?

There is always the possibility that you may counteract the heat generated by your weighted blanket by reducing the temperature of the air conditioning; however, there is a more desirable alternative available in the form of a weighted blanket designed specifically for use during the summer. On those sweltering summer evenings, many businesses, including Gravity Blankets, are now offering specialized cooling weighted blankets that are designed to keep you cool, quiet, and comfortable despite the oppressive heat.

How do weighted blankets stay cool?

You can do it by Utilizing A Cover In Conjunction With Your Weighted Blanket. Covers are wonderful accessories that not only add an additional layer of defense to your blanket but also allow you to personalize its look.

What causes you to feel hot during the night?

The following are some of the factors that can influence your body temperature when you are sleeping:

The environment in which you sleep

If your air conditioner is broken, there is a heat wave, or you are wearing thick fabrics like fleece or flannel, you are more prone to overheat throughout the night.


Because of changes in hormone levels, premenopausal women often experience an increase in the frequency and severity of nighttime hot flashes. Night sweats are one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, which can develop in women as a result of the estrogen and progesterone levels dropping that are typical of menopause. 2

Anxiety and PTSD

Chills, hot flashes, and sweating are all symptoms that can be brought on by nocturnal panic attacks, which are connected with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The thrashing and increased heart rate that accompany dreams can also cause our body temperature to rise. Having a nightmare can be very uncomfortable.

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