Simple Ways To Choosing And Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture


The furniture you choose for your home will provide a huge impact on the lives of those living in it and those who are interested in buying it. A piece of furniture in the bedroom can have the power to convince or disappoint a potential buyer. In this case, you should pick one that can suit the size and style of your home to create a profitable impact. You should know what exactly differentiates furniture inside the master’s bedroom and for kid’s room. All these and more will help you find the right set to beautify your home.

What to Place in the Master’s Bedroom

The master’s bedroom essentially has five kinds of furniture. These are dressers, beds, night stands, cabinets and mirrors.

  • Beds – These are, in general, the focal point for every bedroom. This essentially depicts the status quo and wealth of the people using the room especially during the 17th and 15th centuries. However, at present, the kind of bed does not really symbolize anything as bedrooms have all been meant to provide comfort and relaxation more than anything else.

There will always be two kinds of bed for the master’s – queen or full and king size. On the other hand, there can be six possible sizes for mattresses which are twin, twin extra long, double, queen, California king and eastern king.

If you opt for more traditional designs, then check for beds and mattresses made from the west coast. If you intend to save money, you can opt for second hand beds but brand new mattresses.

  • Dressers – There are a lot of choices for dressers and almost always they depend on the size. Drawer dressers are the smallest considering that only the drawers are generally seen. Ther dresser larger than this is called the door dresser where a door is used to hide smaller drawers or shelves. When choosing any kind of dressers, think of what you need most and what size can suit your room.
  • Chests – Chests are essentially versatile because they are not just be considered visually but also practically. Some of this furniture are not just used for clothes but also for television sets, computers and other entertainment gadgets. There are different kinds of chests which are the lingerie chest, drawer chest and the wardrobe. The lingerie is composed of small drawers meant as storage for socks, neckties and other undergarments. The door chest is a little larger and is meant for hanged clothes. The wardrobe is the largest of al which usually comes with two or more doors.
  • Mirrors and Nightstands – Mirrors can be chosen based on where you want to place them. A single mirror can be placed in the drawer dresser. There are also some other options which are the dressing mirrors, tri-mirror and the cheval mirror. You can choose any of these sizes depending on where you can place them and use them with ease.

How to Arrange your Bedroom Furniture

Arranging your bedroom should begin with a clean slate. This means that you need to get rid of other things inside to allow a complete view of the space within. Start with the largest piece which is mainly considered as the focal point. Moreover, you should consider traffic flow and doorways when placing the pieces of furniture inside.

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