Effective Ways to Maintain Your Air Ducts


Whether in your home or on a commercial premise, maintaining your air ducts is essential for good quality airflow. If you don’t take care of the system, debris will build up in the ducts and cause unhealthy air to circulate through the property. If you’ve poor air quality in your home or business, it can affect some of the occupants. If you notice an issue with your system and you need to replace an air duct in London, get in touch with a first-class supplier. Preventative maintenance is important, if you don’t clean the system, you’ll end up with an accumulation of:

  • Hair
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Allergens & Contaminants

When examining the ventilation system, check to see if there is any damage or deterioration to any component. If something needs to be replaced, visit a reliable supplier and order whatever you need.

Here are 3 ways to help you maintain your ventilation system:

  1. Attend to the Covers – You’ll need to remove vent covers and give them a thorough clean from time to time. They tend to gather all kinds of substances that must be removed to ensure good air quality.
  2. Clean the Opening – You can vacuum around the opening of the air duct to remove any dust or dirt. You won’t be able to get in deep within professional assistance, but you will be able to clear the opening.
  • Clean Ceiling Screens – Your kitchen or bathroom may have ceiling vents, if they do, you should clean this area to improve ventilation.

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