Five Tips for an Easy Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning serves as an ideal opportunity to uphold the rejuvenating sensation of a new beginning that accompanies the arrival of a new year, and it effortlessly carries this momentum into the summer months. However, we acknowledge that undertaking a significant clean-up can feel overwhelming. To aid you in maximizing the productivity of your spring cleaning endeavors, we’ve compiled five straightforward tips designed to facilitate a swift and efficient completion of the task at hand.

Tip # 1: Do Not Use Window Cleaners

Most window cleaning products contain chemical compounds, which can cause irritation or even burns to your skin. Use a vinegar-water mixture on a squeegee instead of chemical window cleaners. Be sure to reach the corners and creases. Finally, remove the solution using a dry, clean towel.

Tip # 2: Create a Schedule

No matter where you begin, you should have a plan or schedule so that you can clean your home in order. Begin at the top, then work your way down. You’ll prevent the previously cleaned items from becoming dirty again. A plan also helps you stay focused on the task. You can plan your cleaning based on areas that require the most attention or those you tend to ignore or skip during routine cleaning. Start with these areas.

Tip # 3: Declutter

De-cluttering will make you more organized and efficient. A disorganized home, on the other hand, will increase your stress. De-cluttering is essential if you are looking to live a healthy life without psychological stress. Set a time limit on each area to ensure that decluttering does not take too much time.

Tip # 4:Think Green

Cleaning aisles in stores are full of cleaning products for commercial use, but they can be confusing. We recommend using environmentally friendly products. Tossing out the toxic substances is also the first step in creating a healthier and safer home. Avoid air fresheners, and use products without (or with reduced amounts) of VOCs and fragrances.

Tip #5: Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals When Cleaning Your Oven

You can clean your oven without harsh chemicals by using baking soda, vinegar, or salt. You can steam clean your oven using vinegar and water. Use a toothbrush for every nook and corner. You can also clean your oven racks using the laundry sink. Always start by vacuuming your oven.

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