How to Repair uPVC Doors


PVC and uPVC are both very common materials that are used in a variety of different applications. If you have uPVC doors in your house, you need to understand that they require a considerable amount of maintenance. The reason why uPVC is such a preferable choice is mainly because it is incredibly durable. Compared to ordinary wooden doors, uPVC lasts much longer and is easier to maintain. However, this doesn’t mean that problems can’t arise in uPVC doors. Over the passage of time, the door will continue to sustain damage, and will eventually need to be repaired. Some of the issues that might arise include the following:

  • Damage to the locks
  • The door frame getting bent
  • Chipping or cracks developing

If the uPVC doors get damaged, you should consider calling a local company that offers the best uPVC door repairs services in Edgware before you think about replacing them altogether. An earlier inspection will make it easier for you to understand whether the doors can be repaired or not.

Locksmith Repairs

If the locks on the uPVC doors are damaged, you can call a local locksmith to repair them for you. The most common issue with such doors is damage to the locks.

Replacing the Door

If the doors are in dire condition, you might want to think about replacing them altogether. There are many companies that provide door replacements at affordable prices, so you can find a reliable vendor to buy the doors from.



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