Preventative Roofing Solutions – Regular Inspections


Your roof is the most important component of the home, as it provides essential protection against the harsh UK climate, and, like anything else, your roof will eventually be in need of repair. When a few roof tiles go missing, this is a relatively easy fix, but what happens in the missing tiles go unnoticed? Water can now enter the roof and that will cause internal damage to joist, rafters and brickwork, and with affordable roofing services in Addlestone who are only a phone call away, effective repairs can be carried out.

What Does a Roof Inspection Involve?

A typical roof inspection would include the following:

  • Close inspection of roof tiles – looking for broken or missing tiles.
  • Chimney inspection
  • Flashing inspection
  • Soffit and fascia inspection

The guttering will need to be cleaned out, as wet leaves and small twigs can easily cause a blockage, which would result in rainwater running down the exterior walls.

The roofing contractor would issue a written report on every aspect of the roof, and should there be any issues, he would recommend prompt repairs.

Post Storm Inspections

We are used to storms in the UK, and it is at this time, your roof is most at risk of damage; flying debris and falling branches are a particular threat. Strong wind can lift roof tiles, as they are resting on a ridge, and if the wind is strong enough, it could lift roof tiles clean away.

Regular roof inspections will ensure you don’t get a nasty surprise with home repair costs, and any issues can be promptly dealt with.

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