Signs You Need to Replace the Carpet in Your Home


The carpet in your home is the perfect place for dirt and dander to settle. Dirt in a carpet is not only an eyesore but it’s also unbelievably unsanitary. If you look at your carpet and all you can see are the stains, rips, and tears, then you might need to consider replacing your carpet. Now, before you go and rip the whole thing up, take a few minutes to read through this to see if your carpet needs to be replaced.

Plenty of Stains

There’s no denying that a carpet can get quite a few stains on it throughout the many years of use. Fortunately, there are an incredible amount of companies out there that have the professional skills to get tough stains out of carpets and rugs – repairing them so they can be used for many years to come.

A Plain Old Carpet

Years of wear and tear can completely destroy a carpet that you once loved. If you just recently moved into a new place and you’re contemplating replacing the rug but you’re not sure old how it is, look out for these signs of an aging carpet that should be replaced as soon as possible:

  • Colour loss
  • Fading
  • Wrinkles
  • Ripples
  • Loss of padding

You won’t believe how much grime can be stored in your carpet, which can become a health hazard. If you notice these signs, make sure to call in the professionals to see if it can be repaired before you make the decision to replace it.



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