Three reasons You Need a Window Specialist


Everyone knows that Energy Efficiency is important not just for that heating bill, but for our environment.  Leaky old-fashioned windows cause draughts, and tired old single glazed glass transmit that cold. Broken panes in newer windows and leaky frames do the same. When our UK weather turns wintry and nasty, you don’t want to be throwing money away. Neither do you want to be cold or draughty either. Your home should be warm, cosy and energy efficient. Modern, well-maintained, double glazed windows are one of the best ways to keep the heat in and the cold out. Here are three reasons to consult with a Professional Glazing Service before the weather turns frightful. Luckily, there is a shop that does affordable double glazing repairs in Andover.

  1. Energy Efficiency is the Key– Your energy bill goes up every year, so it’s best to do everything possible to prevent heat loss. In many cases, the cost of new double-glazed windows are offset by the savings in your energy bills.
  2. Realise Your Savings Now-Waiting until the weather becomes wintry just wastes your money. And you don’t want to be changing or repairing windows when the snow is flying.
  3. Make Sure Your Home Keeps its Value– You work hard for your money and want your home to look good. Well maintained, new double glazed windows keep those energy costs down and save you money while your home increases in value.

Stop throwing money away out of your old leaky single glazed windows. Don’t hesitate to call your affordable glazing service in Andover today.

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