What to Do if you Have a Mice Infestation


Mice have always managed to survive, and they have a knack of being able to share our living space without our permission. Mice have colonised every continent, with the exception of the poles, and should they decide to set up home in your property, it can present a major problem. If you are thinking that sharing your home with a family of mice is not an issue, they are known carriers of many diseases, and they breed like rabbits, and the very best solution is to call in your local pest control services in Longfield, who will take steps to remove the rodents.

Home Remedies

There are certain things you can do to repel mice, but in all honesty, most homemade solutions are ineffective, and at best, you will remove a number of the mice and their numbers will quickly return. Home remedies include the following:

  • Introducing a cat– Even their natural predator has problems in eliminating all of the rodents, and much like the Tom 7 Jerry cartoons, the mice sometimes are the victors.
  • Mice Repellants – Putting mothballs everywhere might be enough to make the mice decide to leave, but they usually avoid those areas and remain within the home.
  • Rat Poison – If you have children or pets, it is never a good idea to put down rat poison, plus you will have to find and remove all the bodies. 

Professional Pest Control Solutions

There’s no better way to remove rodents from your home, and once the pest control office is on-site, he will decide which of the many methods is the most suitable. Not only does the professional pest control officer guarantee success, they have their own methods of ensuring that there is no repeat in the future.











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