3 Reasons Why Block Paving is So Popular for Driveways


While tarmac is a suitable material for driveways, it tends to look jaded after a few months and weeds emerge. Of course, a lot depends on the thickness of the tarmac, but even with a full 4 inches of the black stuff, you are looking at a surface that will need some TLC before very long. Block paving, on the other hand, offers the homeowner everything they want from a driveway covering, and if you have yet to consider paving your driveway, here are a few reasons why you should.

  1. Solid and Sturdy – Block paving is designed to stand the test of time. And when installed correctly, will not move at all. What’s more, it can handle heavy vehicles, so your motorhome will not make the driveway sag (unlike tarmac). If you are ordering ready mixed concrete for a project, the truck can deliver it right to where it is needed. Block paving from professional paving contractors in Sutton Coldfield really is fit and forget and is the only long-term solution for resurfacing driveways.
  2. Fabulous Colours and Designs– The combinations are endless, allowing you to create a driveway that will be the talk of the neighbourhood. There are many attractive patterns and colours that will transform the front elevation of any property, and with the help of the supplier, you can choose something that is unique and complements your home.
  3. Non-Slip and Easy to Clean– No more slippery moments when it gets icy, and a power wash is all it takes to restore the surface to its original state. Oil stains will be a thing of the past, and with a suitable sealant, the life will be prolonged even further.

Talk to your local paving company and see what they can do for you.

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