A Guide To Simple Garden Design


Many homeowners would like to create the ideal garden, yet there is something mysterious about landscape gardening, and this tends to cause some reluctance when designing and building a garden. Of course, one can always call in the professionals and have a first class lawn with traditional borders and a stunning terrace area, but with modular planter boxes and a little imagination, you can easily create the perfect garden without having much experience.

Initial Design

As any experienced landscape gardener will confirm, your initial design must make the best use of the natural features you already have, and once you have decided on lawn size and location, you can design a series of modular large planter boxes that will take care of the trees, shrubs and flowers. These innovative designs come in a range of colours, and as they are made from recycled PVC, they are both light and extremely durable.

Creating Soil Areas

Obviously, you want to have some greenery, and traditionally, this would involve building retaining walls and bringing in lots of top soil, yet with modular planters, you need much less soil and with free standing units, you can create your green areas where you like.

Modular Edging

It is essential to have some form of material to separate two different areas, and with grass and soil you can simply use modular edging that is inter-connectable, and this allows you to cut to size. Flower borders can be stylishly edged, and with a range of width sizes, you can accommodate most elevations, and the right edging really gives the garden a balanced look.

Vertical Gardens

These can be very effective against a terrace wall, and are ideal for vegetable gardens in tight spaces. The system is designed to allow you to fill a section with water and this will slowly be fed into the soil, giving you a degree of automation with your watering. The units come in a flat pack design and are easily assembled by the customer, and by using the right amount of soil, your plants and shrubs will always be healthy.

Free Standing Troughs

Whether you prefer a round or rectangular unit, they come in a range of heights, and with false bottoms, you only need to add sufficient soil for the plant to grow. Many homeowners have concrete as a major feature in the garden, and free standing planter boxes allow for a touch of greenery wherever you feel it is needed. Easy to assemble and use, these hardy plastic units are designed to allow for maximum plant growth and minimum maintenance.

Whatever the condition or style of your garden, it would surely benefit from modular planting boxes, and the range of colours and designs means you are only limited by your own imagination. There are online suppliers of ready to assemble units that are very affordable and will give your garden a touch of elegance and style, while being very practical and hardwearing.

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