A Guide to Spring Cleaning the Home


Spring is just around the corner and is traditionally a time for giving the home a thorough clean. The furniture and carpets bear the brunt of a year of heavy use and no matter how careful you are, dirt and grime are unavoidable. If you and your family are planning to give your home a refreshing clean, here are a few tips to help make the project a success.

  • Pick a Sunny Day – While it is impossible to guarantee a dry weekend in the UK, do your best to select a long weekend that coincides with some clement weather. This will allow you to put furniture outside, giving you a lot more room to work, however, if it is wet, you can switch to plan B; cleaning one room at a time without the need to put anything outside.
  • Hire a Skip – Hiring a skip for the weekend means you have a place for all the rubbish 9and there will be a lot) and with the best skip hire in Wolverhampton, you can sure that the waste will be responsibly disposed of.
  • Work from Top to Bottom – Start each room with the ceiling and work your way down to the floor, and if you have two storeys, do the upstairs first, as the dust will fall away from the cleaned areas.

Make sure you have more than enough cleaning materials and with each family member having their own tasks and an empty skip outside, you are ready to go!










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