A Guide to the Colors of Quartz Countertop for the Kitchen in 2023


Quartz countertops offer a multitude of benefits. They are crafted stone with an extensive range of colors and patterns, granting vast design flexibility. Unlike granite, quartz is less prone to chipping or cracking and boasts a consistently even finish. Quartz is not only durable but also resistant to stains, making it the ideal choice for kitchens. Selecting quartz countertop colors involves more complexity than choosing wall paint. After all, the kitchen serves as the focal point of the home, the space occupied for the majority of the day. But which colors should be opted for the countertop? Keep reading to discover how to pick the perfect colors for the quartz countertop.

Let’s check the list of some perfect colors for the quartz countertop.

White Quartz

White quartz reigns supreme for countless homeowners. Its clean, cool shade complements a wide array of palettes and design styles. It seamlessly adapts to modern, minimalist kitchens as well.

Calcatta Classique

 A marble-like look, consider Calcatta Classique. Its soft gray marbling suits both dark and light cabinets and pairs well with golden or brass hardware.

Cascade White

Cascade White complements absolutely all white cabinetry as well as the light cool tones with its medium gray to taupe patterning, creating a striking contrast.

Chakra Beige

Chakra Beige, featuring rusty and brown hues, suits kitchens with natural wood finishes and rich, colorful decor.

Fossil Grey

Fossil Grey, with its even taupe to gray shade, contrasts beautifully with light cabinetry. Alternatively, it works with a backlash that is mid-toned put up against a wall.

Pacific Salt

Pacific Salt pairs well with really dark cabinets and very bright walls, featuring swirls black in a combo with light brown for an intriguing contrast.

Pearl Grey

Pearl Grey, a mid-toned shade of gray with darker colors and flecks, provides excellent contrast against color schemes featuring black, light gray, or even white.


Seleno features a white base with some mottled brown on top. It is perfect for the traditional kitchen and works particularly well with finishes of wood and lighter walls.

Eternal Calcatta Classique

Eternal Calcatta Classique boasts lighter gray marbling, adding an elegant touch to every single kitchen. These quartz countertop colors can create a perfect white-based color scheme or provide contrast against natural wood or gray cabinets.

White Zeus Extreme

White Zeus Extreme, you get a very beautiful high-shine finish combined with white quartz. This will complement the color scheme and will give you a fresh, clean appearance, regardless of decorating style.


Lyra features gray patterning, although mild, lending a traditional touch that  will give you access to simply beautiful Mid-century modern accents. It also works pretty well with the traditional kitchen. This is particularly correct when the base is white and you want to add some black or dark brown finishes.


Arctic boasts neutral patterning with really nice shades of muted brown and gray. Arctic will be very interesting in the traditional kitchen. It does add some interest when pushed up against wooden cabinets and works great if the backdrops are light.

Sienna Ridge

Sienna Ridge is available in shades ranging from dark brown to medium brown. This gives you access to truly classic elegance. It offers perfect contrast with dark wood finishes and creamy shades.


Istmo is fantast for modern design styles, offers a beautiful appearance thanks to the slight dark patterning and gray base. The visual interest offered is quite ample.


“Quartz countertops are a great pick for the kitchen through their unique qualities. It brings unmatched strength and removes stains, rust, germs, and high temperatures. When opting for a quartz countertop, you’re selecting a lasting, robust choice for the kitchen. While there is a wide range of quartz countertop colors available, the best choice ultimately depends on personal style, kitchen design, and preferences. Take the next step in the kitchen remodel by choosing the best quartz colors!

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