A Guide to Spring Garden Maintenance


The long and very cold winter has now left us, and this is the time to turn our attentions to the garden, which will be a major feature of the coming summer. If you are new to home management, here is a brief guide to essential springtime maintenance in the garden.

  • Tree Pruning & Care– The trees need pruning back, and March and April are the best months for tree pruning, as this prepares for the coming growing season, and with the deadwood removed and the trees shaped, you can look forward to another year of shading.
  • Fencing & Gating– The harsh weather takes its toll on timber fencing, and if yours has seen better days, there is a reliable fencing company in Hailsham who would be happy to quote for the project.
  • Nourish the Lawn– Now would be the time to sprinkle some mild grass fertiliser (found at your local garden centre), then give you lawn a good soaking. The initial cut should be high, and roll the lawn afterwards if possible, as this will keep it flat.
  • Trim the Hedges and Weed the Borders – The hedge trimmers will make short work of that couple of inches of growth, and try to avoid cutting any buds or blossom. Weeds should be removed from the flower beds, then mulch in some compost to nourish the soil, and now is the time to plant.

Once you have got the garden looking good, you can plan your outdoor party to celebrate the arrival of summer.

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