A Roof Restoration Reinvigorates The Looks Of Tile Roofing Materials


A tile roof in Australia is a lovely addition to most homes, in part because tile is known for its durability and long-term life. When proper maintenance is applied, the roof lasts longer than most roofing products. Many benefits, then, are associated with cleaning and restoring tile roofs. With respect to cleaning, tile roofs, whether they are made of concrete or clay, look new again when debris or dirt are routinely removed. Cleaning also prevents any growth of mildew or moss.

Have Your Roof Regularly Inspected and Cleaned

If a roof is not cleaned or checked, any collection of organic matter can absorb and hold moisture. When this happens, your gutters can become blocked and the excess weight may damage the roofing system.

Whilst tiles can fade over the years, regular maintenance and restoration can slow the degradation. Plus, tile is the most popular choice for a roofing product worldwide, which makes restoration even more of a priority. The durability of tile and its energy cost savings makes it a one-of-a-kind material.

A Preferred Material in both Cold and Hot Locales

When compared globally, tiles feature the longest record of ongoing performance of any other type of roofing material, including asphalt. In addition, the design of tile roofs today highlight a ventilation and water-resilient feature that make them ideal in both cold and warm climates. For example, in certain cold locales, tiles can prevent ice damming on roofs. The material’s increased weight and resilience make tile the preferred choice in all types of climatic regions.

Roofing companies in Perth that make tile restorations add that tile comes in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Because of today’s innovative manufacturing processes, companies can produce clay and concrete tiles to match various architectural styles, such as Mediterranean or Spanish looks. The tiles can be cut round or flat and can be made to simulate old-time roofing materials, including wood shakes.

 A Practical Enhancement

When you restore a tile roof, you will bring out the natural colours that are mixed or sourced for tiles. Whilst tiles display varying levels of colour softening due to extended exposure, this type of fading happens to a lesser degree in tile than other roof materials. In fact, the colour of some clay tiles are guaranteed for 50 years – which makes restoration a practical enhancement. By restoring the roof, you can further showcase the hues of the tiles.

Given the high winds that blow through Australia, tile roofs are indeed an ideal material selection for a roof. Both concrete and clay have been shown to withstand winds as fast as 240 kilometres per hour, so given their overall resistance to weather extremes, roofs made of tile should always be supported and maintained so they look their best.

All roofing systems require maintenance to keep them in pristine shape. When tile is restored, maintenance is limited to protrusion flashings, gutters, and the ventilation system. A roof sealing and coating preserves the aesthetics and prevents the further growth of fungi on the roof.

When you have a roof restored, coated, and treated against algae or mould, it should be backed with a guarantee – one that ensures the results for at least 20 years. By choosing the right restoration contractor, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your tile roof’s performance and appearance.

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