Bespoke Carpentry Work to Improve your Living Space


There is always something we can do to improve our living space; it might be a few shelves here and there, or a bespoke cabinet in the kitchen, and buying ready-made is simply not an option. Ideally, you want a skilled carpenter who can turn his hand to just about anything, and with custom carpentry services in Bristol, that’s exactly what you have.


Sometimes we need a feature in the home slightly modified, perhaps the kitchen cabinets are a just a fraction too deep, or that staircase with an unsightly balustrade that needs to go. A skilled carpenter can handle any type of woodwork and he’s at home on the roof, as well as crafting fine furniture or making a tight door fit.

Shelving to Order

If your home is on the small side, there are lots of nooks and crannies where shelving would be great, and a carpenter can make short work of such a minor task, and before you know it, you will have a few extra places to display or store. A walk-in wardrobe would be a stunning feature, and the carpenter can craft the ideal space for clothing storage, with places for everything, including:

  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Suits
  • Underwear

A large drawer takes care of bedding, and with your choice of timber, the specialist can work his magic and produce a perfect walk-in wardrobe.

Take a walk around the house, making notes on possible alterations and additions, then give your local carpenter a call and see what he can do to improve your living space.






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