How Replacing Your Windows Can Keep The Heat Out


Most people are aware of the benefits of double- or triple-paned glass in helping to keep homes warm when the weather is cold. What is less well known is that they are also very effective at keeping the heat out when exterior temperatures soar. This is good news for people who are lucky enough to have insulated windows in place. It brings down the cost of keeping cool in summer as well as the cost of heating in winter.

Heat is transferred directly by conduction, convection or radiation. It can also be lost when warm objects are moved elsewhere. If you take a warm object out of your home, the heat it contains goes with it. Therefore, if the warm air in your rooms is able to escape easily, it takes its warmth with it. In the same way, if warm air from outside is easily able to enter your rooms, the interior temperature will rise.

Old windows and frames are not very good at stopping the transfer of heat. Heat can easily transfer via conduction and convection through single-paned windows. It is likely that older windows will also allow air to pass through gaps around the frames, or between the panes and the frames. This is very inefficient in terms of energy conservation.

Replacement windows can eliminate excessive loss. They are manufactured to address the problems that exist with old-style windows. Firstly, they are double- or triple paned. That makes it harder for heat to transfer. They also have a metal oxide coating to further hinder heat transference. This coating is very fine, and lets light through while preventing the transfer of heat. Essentially, it is invisible. The insulating properties of modern windows are further improved by replacing the air between the panes with an inert gas. Argon or krypton are often used. Inert gases are very poor conductors, thereby reducing even further the transfer of heat.

The frame plays an important part in the insulating properties of modern windows. Old metal frames provide very little protection against heat transfer, whereas insulated vinyl is an excellent insulator. Insulated vinyl is the most popular choice for modern frames. Another option is insulated fiberglass frames.

The cost of replacing old windows will depend on the sizes and the number of windows you need to change. Reputable companies can give you a free quotation. If the insulation in your home is good, replacing old windows with new ones will save you a lot on energy bills.

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