Breathing New Life Into Dubai Villas


Renovating a villa is quite different than remodeling a regular home as it speaks of uniqueness, character, and cultural importance. Instantly with villas the concept of open verandas, wrought iron, and decorative timber elements come to mind. If you’re looking to renovate a traditional villa in Dubai then it’s best to hire professional villa renovation companies Dubai services.

Planning Your Villa Modification

Even if you hire a professional villa remodeler, it’s best to be in control from the beginning so that your home shows signs of personal touches. Try to retain as much as you can of the original façade, focusing more on uplifting and modernizing necessary elements. Without compromising the integrity of your villa, transform it into a contemporary space that’s functional and beautiful.

Focus on the Areas that Need Remodeling

Renovating your villa should focus only on those areas that require change. If your villa lacks natural lighting then create a voluminous, contemporary space that welcomes light, giving your home more warmth. Asymmetrical high ceilings, glass doors, and skylights help in reimagining traditional villa architecture. If you prefer to create connections with the outdoor then extend your indoor living to outdoors with glass doors, French windows, and patios.

Setting a Realistic Budget

No doubt renovating a villa requires more budget. From design to construction, most of the time there are some setbacks and additional costs. Always count for extra material, labor, and unexpected challenges. The older your villa is, likely chances that’ll unexpected issues will arise. Trusted villa renovation companies in Dubai provide all the information on their website. Visit WoodGreen website for detailed quotes and renovation services that they offer. As experienced service providers they have earned great reputation in the UAE.

Create Space to Improve Value

If you’re renovating your villa for investment purposes then it’s important to focus on space. Spacious bedrooms, living area, and kitchen will certainly add to the resale value. Make the villa seem bigger by adding more windows. Renovate floors and replace interior wall linings for sustainability.

Restore the Original Architecture

Classic villas have ornate features that set them apart from other forms of residence like bungalows. Maintain the character of your home by retaining intricate porches, verandas, fireplaces, and landscape. Hardwood flooring has its original charm and it can be retained by installing underfloor insulation. Delicate carvings and laces are also something that should be restored in villas.

Hire the best villa renovation team that helps you retain the symmetry, harmony, and natural architecture, making it functional through contemporary modifications.

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