Transform your Garden with an Elegant Water Feature


There is a certain tranquillity that only a water feature can offer, and for this reason, many UK homeowners decide to have a water feature installed in their garden. Water features range from a small pond with a few fish to an extensive waterfall-type rockery complete with large stones and a constant flow of water, and if you would like to explore the potential that a water feature can bring, there are local landscaping contractors in Bath who have a wealth of hands-on experience designing and creating stunning water features.

  1. Multi-Level Pools – With some earth moving, it is possible to create a multi-level pool feature, with perhaps 3 or even 4 different levels. The bottom pool would be the largest, and with some water plants and a few Koi Carp, you can create a beautiful feature that would grace any garden. The feature would not need to be connected to the mains water supply, as a closed loop with a pump would ensure that water is always flowing.
  2. Centrally Located Water Fountain – This looks stunning in a large garden, and with stone paths leading to and from the fountain, you have an elegant and attractive looking stone feature.
  3. A Flowing Rockery – Combining a rockery with a pond is an ideal way to create a unique water feature, and it does very much depend on how much space you have, as to the scope of the feature.

The best way to appreciate what can be achieved with a water feature is to invite your local landscape contractor to view your outdoor area, and he can certainly make some suggestions for the perfect water feature to highlight your garden.

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