Different varieties of Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are often found to be the most talked about feature in the home décor industries, people keep praising them for the wonderful benefits they have to offer. However, being precise those plantations shutters are otherwise known as the perfect window covering that are used in any house. There are different varieties of shutters that have been used for a long time now. In the earlier days, the plantation shutters where considered as a protection mechanism against the inclement weather. The primary function of these shutters was to guard against the adverse effects of the rain, wind and the sun, which was directly affected by the location and the prevailing conditions.

Cities that have a warmer climate are known to use the completely closed shutters that are located at the outer part of the building. As the shutters were closed they became the perfect guard to the heat of the sun and also protected the house from the winds and the dust storms whereas in other areas, the shutters are known to protect against the effects of winds, rain thunderstorms and corrosion.

Brief Information about Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are simple shutters made up of basic louvered slats. This makes it easier for the shutters to regulate the sunlight, control temperature, easy ventilation, along with this it is also known to offer protection against other elements too. Plantation shutters are very often used for aesthetic purposes, but they have also become very popular for all the above mentioned problems. The shutters also add to style and uniqueness to the design of the building. Keeping the style, designs, shapes and sizes in mind, the plantation shutters are divided into different types, which can be both fitted from the inside or the outside of the window.

First you have the Tier on tier shutters; it is considerably the full height shutter that is split into two parts, otherwise also known as upper tier and lower tier. This is definitely a better form of shutters, as it can be left partly open and partly closed which not only ensures privacy and also allows the natural light to enter the room.

Next you have the Café style shutter that only allows covering the bottom half of the window aperture; this not only allows enough light to enter but also ensures the desired privacy. It is found to be very useful for both the ground floor and the first floor needs, allowing the exterior part of the any building to look more elegant. There are different types of café shutters being prepared nowadays use of louvered and solid panel styles are considerably the most common ones. Moreover the café shutters also come in different finishes such as painted wood or natural wood too.

Lastly, we have the Full cover plantation shutters, which allow us to cover the complete window pane. The full height shutters not only allow you to regulate natural lighting but also provide proper ventilation along with ensuring enough privacy and utmost security. The full cover shutters are known to be used for any room of the house; moreover, it does look very beautiful when used for both the ground windows as well as the first floor windows. They are practically very simple and elegant designs but they do add a lot to the house.

Today, you can easily find a lot of plantation shutters with varying styles, which have classic designs, offer great privacy, allow regulation of natural light and proper ventilation too, along with all the above it also adds to the appeal of the house. You have the option of choosing the customizable shutters that can easily fit with your home and the durability that they offer cannot be found with any other form of window covering. This definitely has been the reason behind the growing use of plantation shutters by families in their homes and they can also be used both internally and externally.

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