Preventing Blocked Drains in the Home


Taking care of your plumbing and drainage system is vitally important when it comes to looking after your home. If you would like to prevent blocked drains, there are a number of things you can do to eliminate any problems. Homeowners run into plumbing and drainage issues for a number of reasons, sometimes the weather plays a part while others time they fail to properly maintain their system. An emergency plumber in Uxbridge can resolve an issue fast, they’ll arrive at your property within the hour and fix whatever problem you present.

When choosing a plumbing service, look out for all of the following:

  • Member of a recognised organisation – check a trade, plumbing & heating association etc.
  • Rapid emergency plumbing services
  • Free call out
  • Highly skilled & competent
  • Competitive pricing on all services

These tips will help to keep your drains clean and clear of debris, ensuring you don’t suffer from clogged drains.

Table of Contents

Keep it Clear

Don’t flush any items down your toilet or sink that doesn’t belong, that includes hair and food. You’d be surprised at what some people put down their sinks and toilets, only to be faced with a blockage. You should never put soap, shaving cream or hair down your sink, it will block your drains.

Outdoor Drains

Your outdoor drains will get blocked from time to time, mostly from leaves or dirt in the system. You should cover the drain with chicken wire to prevent any substances from blocking the pipes and causing problems.

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