Eye Catching Blinds for Home and Office


Well-designed window blinds are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices throughout the UK and with good reason. Rather than old fashioned curtains, blinds are easy to maintain, look sleek and minimalist and can fit in seamlessly with existing décor. Bristol blinds are available in a wide range of designs and colours and can be installed with ease in virtually any kind of home or office setting. The most common types of window blinds at the time of writing include:

  • Conservatory Blinds
  • Blackout Blinds
  • Intu
  • Motorised Blinds and Curtains
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

The above list is just a small example of the types of blinds available, there are countless more to view online if you like the idea of blinds and are looking for inspiration.

Table of Contents

How Do I Pick the Best Blinds?

This question is becoming harder and harder as the selection gets bigger, but as a basic rule of thumb, whatever style/colour you select must complement your existing fixtures, fittings and colour scheme. There are a number of resources available online where you can get more than a basic idea of what would look good in your home or office, this should help you whittle down your choices to a handful. If you still can’t decide, it may be time to speak to a specialist blinds supplier, these firms are generally more than happy to provide you with advice and recommendations as to what blinds would look best in your home or office.

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