Custom Casements That Redefine Your Roof: Little-Known Advantages of Investing in Skylights


Studies have sorted out that as many as 65% of UK residents are deprived of proper levels of vitamin D during the spring seasons, and vitamin D is a vital nutrient required to preserve the shape, solidity, and molecular makeup of your bones.

This deficiency is ostensibly joined at the hip with the fact that Brits spend nearly 22 hours per day indoors, which corresponds to about 91-94% of each and every week.

Skylights Will Bestow You with More Than Just Natural Sunlight

Many UK householders revel in the architectural semblance of ably appointed skylights, while others idolise the thought of having excess sunshine spilling into the home, but here are some unexplored advantages of rooftop window panes:

  • If you avoid turning your lights on for eight hours per day and utilise the organic illumination from your skylight, you can save nearly €80 per year on electrical charges without sacrificing your privacy.
  • The more skylights you install, the less square area of roofing tiles you have to tend to during your next re-roofing enterprise.
  • If you add an open-close feature within the skylight, you can utilise the casement as an energy-free AC unit. Warm air will rise and escape, which allows colder currents to occupy the void.

The expert roofing services in Calne can carry out bespoke, colour-collated skylight projects on both historic properties and modern buildings to buoy up the subsisting style and grace of the structure.

An Affordable Half-Day Project

Your installation crew will isolate the perfect positioning for the skylight to capitalise on the arch of the sun during the day, and they will also get a fix on the best materials in terms of resale ROI.

All it takes is a single afternoon to recondition the topmost segment of your ceiling and actualise a tasteful, made-to-order skylight.



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