Solid Vs Hollow Doors


No matter if you are upgrading your home or you are building a new one and you need to finalize the details, there are many things you have to consider and some of them are the kind of windows, window blinds and doors you want. When we talk about doors, there are many kinds with many materials but in this article we will focus on wood and the main kind of doors, solid or hollow-core. Here you are a list of pros and cons for the solid doors in order to make decisions easier. Take a look at our article about hollow-core doors as well for a better advice!

Solid Doors

Solid doors are much richer and look really good. They can be embellished much more than hollow ones and you may be tempted to install them in order to upgrade your home to the eye, but this is not the only advantage.


They have much better sound dampening qualities than hollow doors and provide excellent insulation. If you live in a noisy house, with children or other sources, this may be a good idea. Also, if you want to insulate a room for some reason, a solid door is a much better option.

They look much better and have a good return on investment when you want to sell the house. Yes, you may not be interested in selling it now, but you don’t know what will happen later so, consider them just in the case.

They are more resistant and less prone to damage. These doors are really hard so, if you are scared of somebody breaking the door, they are a good option. Also, due to their solid properties, they are less prone to scratches as well.

There are many options for every pocket. Generally speaking, solid doors are expensive, but depending on the kind of wood you are using, they may not be as expensive as you fear. The color range is very broad and there are a lot of different finishes.

They look like real wood. This is very important if you have other wood-looking elements like wood flooring or furniture. They match much better and have a natural look you won’t find in hollow doors.

Solid doors are also available in fire-proof or fire-rated models. They are much safer in the case of a fire. A solid door can withstand fire for a long time before burning and, some of them are almost fire-proof despite of what you may think of wood.


They are expensive. Their cost can boost up the bill if you compare to inexpensive hollow doors.

Due to their nature, they are prone to combing and expansion due to moisture or temperature changes. This can be a bit annoying depending on your area.

They are heavy, really heavy in some cases. Although this won’t pose a problem to open or close them, installing these doors is more difficult than hollow doors and any repair you need to do will require extra people because it is very difficult to handle them by yourself.

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