The Staircase – The Focal Point of the Living Room


When decorating, do you often regret having that staircase, which hampers your vision for the room? Like it or not, the staircase is a main feature, and rather than repainting or carpeting, you can have the staircase renovated, or replaced completely.

Ask for a Professional Opinion

If you would like to know your options regarding the stair case, there is affordable stair renovation in Bodmin, and the joiner could visit you and give you his professional opinion. That way, you will be aware of all the options and can therefore make an informed decision, and in most cases, there would be several ways you could remodel the staircase.

The Timeless Look of Timber

Top grade timber is the best material for a stair case, and the species you might choose would include the following:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Cedar
  • Hardwood
  • Mahogany

The joiner is an expert at creating things with wood, and as he takes pride in his work, you can always be sure of a first class finish.

Affordable Renovations

Having your stair case renovated doesn’t have to break the bank, indeed, many people are pleasantly surprised to learn how reasonable the work is. The joiner would want a fair price for his work, which wouldn’t be a huge amount, and, of course, it depends on the scale of the job.

Having the ability to design the staircase means you can make radical changes, which might include a spiral staircase – something a joiner can do well – or perhaps something modern.

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