13 House Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Shine


Have you ever considered playing tricks to clean your house?  Hacks are always fun, and the results are ever impressive.

However, health experts do not recommend relying on hacks all year round. Your house will require a deep cleaning occasionally.

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Vinegar for Windows

To get those windows glistening, what you need is a vinegar solution. For the best results, mix dilute starch and white vinegar in water and wipe your windows. You do not need those expensive chemicals as this solution works perfectly fine.

Vodka for Carpets

Were you painting your nails and the polish splashed on the carpet by accident?  Well, you do not have to get stressed if you do not mind sharing some of your vodka with your carpet.

Pour some amount of the alcohol on the polish before it dries and clean it off properly.

Lemon for Rust

You do not have to worry anymore about rust because lemons are there to help you out. The process is simple.

What you need is to squeeze out some lemon juice and sprinkle it on a rusted surface. Wait for some time, then scrub it off, and the stain will be gone.

Beat the Dust Off

Sometimes it does not require you to have any ingredients to clean your rugs.  When you have the time, take them outside and hang them up.

Then beat the dust off with a stick. You will get some physical exercise while maintaining cleanliness concurrently.

Utilize Air Cleaners

Dusting off the dirt from the surface in your room is the best option, but with limited time, a hack using air cleaners will work temporarily.

Air cleaners should not be a replacement for your regular cleaning but will relieve you as you find time to do the real cleaning.

Spank Those Beddings

Do you have enough time to wash your bedding weekly?  Get rid of the dirt by spreading them outside to get fresh air.

Spank the dust off the beddings and let them stay for a while to breathe sufficiently before bringing them back inside.

Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

If you love your pet enough, do not grumble about hairs stuck on the coaches and the carpets every time.

Take the initiative to use rubber gloves to get rid of the hairs from the surfaces. They will cling on the rubber gloves as you run your hand along.

Advice? When shopping for your pet, prioritize rubber gloves.

Cloth and Hanger for Oven

Ovens are busy appliances in the kitchen. They are bound to accumulate dirt, especially if you make a lot of oily food.

You do not have to worry because just a hanger and cloth will give you a clean oil-free oven.

To clean between the glass and the doors, wrap a cloth around a hanger. Insert it into the spaces between the oven and the door.

Then wipe carefully over the inside of the oven. There you have your clean oven. Enjoy the baking but make this a routine.

Vinegar for Stains

Do not gloom over hard water stains on your fabrics. Use a mixture of vinegar to remove the stains by following a simple procedure.

Apply some vinegar on the stain and leave it to soak well before washing it off.  You will love the results.

Hydrogen Peroxide for the Kitchen Sink

Soap and water are never enough for your kitchen sink. This simple hack will get your sink sparkling clean.

Get some hydrogen peroxide and smear it on a clean kitchen sink. After it has dried off, spray some vinegar, and wait for minutes before cleaning it off.

Your sink will be sanitized, and you will not have to be afraid of germs anymore.

Lemon Peels for Freshness

Give your kitchen an aroma of freshness by hiding lemon peels in the disposal bin. Your room will smell fresh, without costing you a dime.

Sock for Blinds

Have you run out of time, but the dust on the blinds is telling on you?  Stress no more because a sock can help.

Put a sock and brush your hand along each fold of the blinds to wipe off the dust. It will only take a second.

Soda and Water for Grout

Do not let stains in the grout make you anxious.  Mix sodium peroxide with water and scrub the grout with a brush. The results will be amazing.

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