5 Reasons Why Slate Is The Best Material For Roofing


Slate has been used in roofing for many years and its unique properties make it a wise choice, even today, as it offers the homeowner a very durable surface that adds character to any property.A slate roof is something that will stand the test of time, and with so many colours and texture finishes, there is something to suit every taste. Despite the arrival of composite materials, slate is still the most popular choice for roofing and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Durability – Slate roof tiles should last at least 100 years, with many listed buildings 400 years old still in good condition. Slate might not be the cheapest material on offer, but when you are talking about the roof of your house, it makes sense to opt for quality. If you are looking for slate roofing in Sydney, there are online companies that specialise in traditional roofing at affordable prices.
  1. Fire Protection – Slate is quarried stone and will not catch fire, so if there is a bushfire nearby, the burning embers that land on your roof will not ignite. In the hot Australian summers, fire is a real threat, and also, with slate tiling, you have excellent insulation properties that help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  1. Low Maintenance – Slate roof tiles will outlast any other part of the building and only need a quick inspection every few years. Some people even have the roof tiles removed when they relocate and have them fitted on the new property, replacing them with a cheaper material. The roof should be tiled by a qualified tradesperson and there are still highly experienced roof slaters who follow the traditions of the trade.
  1. Environmentally Friendly – Slate is a natural stone and with minimum work to transform it from the quarry site to your home, there is hardly any impact on the environment. Once the slate quarry is disused, more often than not, it will be turned into a lake, restoring the natural habitat. Whether you are looking for slate roofing in Sydney or Melbourne, an online search should point you in the right direction.
  1. Waterproof– Slate tiles are impervious to water and this is ideal for any roof material. If they are fitted correctly, there is very little that can go wrong and no matter how heavy the rain is, your home will remain dry. If the appearance of your home is important, the range of colours and textures make slate the perfect choice.

Traditional companies that still use slate for roofing are definitely in the minority, but there are those who refuse to use another material for roofing, as they are aware of slates impressive properties that make is by far the best roof tile material. If you are thinking of replacing your roof, slate is the obvious choice, and once the job is completed, you can forget about the roof.

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