Are Your Kids Bringing Home Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs have been a prominent problem in the world and continue to spread their population. They prefer to live near their food resource, which is human blood. Therefore, bed bugs can be found anywhere with the human population. One such place is your kid’s school or college. 

Schools and colleges are frequented by students coming from various households. Therefore, the possibility of acquiring bed bugs from other students is high. If your kid has brought bed bugs home, contact Rove pest control services. 

How do kids acquire bed bugs from school and college?

There are various ways your children can bring home bed bugs from their schools and colleges. Educational institutions are full of students and teachers coming from various households. In the US, one in five houses has bed bugs. Therefore, the possibility of your kids bringing bugs from their friends cannot be ruled out.

Even if your kid’s friend does not have bugs, they can still acquire them from school furniture. Desks and benches in the classroom and cafeteria are great hiding places for the blood-sucking creatures. When the authorities overlook the condition of school furniture, these bugs can create hiding spaces and lay their eggs, expanding their population. 

Another way your child may bring home bugs is from their dorm room. If your child lives in a bug-infested dorm room and comes to visit you for the holidays, they are bringing home the bugs with themselves. College dorm rooms are a prime breeding ground for bed bugs. They are unhygienic, full of clutter, and have many people. All it requires to cause an infestation is one student bringing bugs into the building. 


The possibilities of your kid acquiring bed bugs at educational institutions are many. Therefore, you must know how to prevent these bugs from infesting your house. 

The first and most obvious thing to do is ask your kid to change their clothes as soon as they come home and throw their clothing into the washing machine. Make sure you wash the clothes in hot water for 30 minutes. This should be enough to kill all the bugs. 

Since the bugs can cling onto their backpacks as well, you may need to keep an eye on them too. Inspect the backpack by checking the small pockets and chains. To be safe, keep the backpack away from your bedroom. 

While doing all these may seem daunting, it is essential to remember that there are good chances of transferring bugs in schools and colleges. If your child reports seeing a bug in their dorm room, school or college, you must point it out to the authorities and ask them to take action with professional help. 

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