Understanding the diverse lifestyle of south frontier US


The southern frontier of US ranges from the Gulf of Mexico the east to Pacific Ocean in the west. The states of these areas share their borders with Mexico. Thereafter the social, cultural and economic activates are strikingly different from the northern states. After a history of border disputes, the two neighboring North American states settled with peace treaty throughout 1920s. Mexico lost number of lands to US. And native Mexicans from the disputed lands become the citizen of US in due time. For this reason, the border states are known for habitats with US-Mexico cross culture. That is what makes these states culturally diverse.

The border, the foundation

The states of US along this border are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California from east to west and Texas sharing the longest border. The bordering counties of these states are known for their desert climates. The weather becomes extreme during summers. A state like Arizona has great biodiversity. The northern part of the state is carved by Colorado. We can experience the grandeur of Grand Canyon over here. Also the state has preserved the Barringer Meteorite Crater. This is one of the largest known holes in the world created by a meteorite. The temperature hovers from 19°C to 41°C. The demographic of this state has parse settlement and almost 8 percent of the total populations are illegal immigrants. The growing population has been putting a stress on essential supplies for a while now.

Into the peoples life

To understand the frontier lifestyle, we must understand the case of any southern town. Eastern city Scottsdale of Arizona is a perfect example of the diversity and challenges that are involved in a southern state life. The climate of the city is mostly what you can think of for a desert land. The temperature can go as low as −8.9 °C and can go up to 50°C in summers. Large manufacturing companies have set up their plants in this city. The habit areas of the cities are mostly known as working class regions. Majority of the residents have their own houses. Around 25% of the population stays in rented houses. Even though the life seems a bit extreme, there is no lack of quality community and social services.  There are many communities. Scottsdale HOA management companies are well experienced to serve the requirements of residents in this frontier city.  The HOAs work in accordance with the community manager. They are responsible for legal, social and renovate services throughout the city. In Scottsdale, people opt for these services to save their time and money. But there have always been issues as dealing with illegal immigrants in inherent in a city like this.

And there is a situation

The matter of illegally crossing border is there. US border patrolling authorities are there to keep an eye on these. The migrants try to move to these cities like Scottsdale as contract labors. Then eventually they settle and become part of the state communities. One alarming situation in that some of these illegal migrants dies en route to US. Thereafter, the life in these regions has lots of colors but not without complexities.

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