Moving Boxes: Can you move without them?


When you first think of moving, the first thought that pops up in your head are big brown cardboard boxes. Boxes play an important role when you move as they help you store your valuables as you move from one place to another. They are popular due to the fact that they are cheap, readily available, and can serve various purposes. What most people don’t know is that boxes aren’t the only means by which you can transport your properties when relocating to a new home.

The major reason why cardboard boxes are popular when moving is that they cost next to nothing. In some cases, you can get them for free but you would have to ensure that they are in good conditions. Most home owners looking to move on a budget would likely settle for cardboard boxes but there are also other alternatives to cardboard boxes that can also get the job done of safe guarding your properties as you move about.

Why you may need an Alternative

You would be looking for an alternative to moving boxes if you don’t have enough time to go in search of reusable cardboard boxes and note that new ones can be quite expensive since you would need a lot of them if you are moving the entire house. When you make use of alternative moving materials you get to save more money and time with the whole moving process. If you wouldn’t be making use of boxes, you will still need to make use of other types of container as you would certainly need to protect your household items as you transport them to your new home.

Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes

Apart from cardboard boxes, you can make use of suitcases to move. Suitcases are best for transporting clothes, and books. They can also be used in transporting other heavy items such as kitchen wares and computers. When making use of suitcases to pack appliances and devices, it is best you ensure that they are padded at the edges with soft materials to protect them from damage as the suitcases are being transported.

Another alternative to suitcases are travel bags and backpacks. They are perfect for keeping your valuables close to you. They are best for moving jewelry pieces and fragile items. You can also move your Laptop computers and the children’s game console using a backpack. Also remember that you would need to cushion the inside with soft material to protect them from damage as you move about. Briefcases are also best for transporting all your important work files and receipts. They are also best for moving all important documents such as house and vehicle papers.

Other means by which you can move without making use of boxes includes tote bags, trash bags, shopping bags and vacuum bags. You basically need something that would be able to keep an item safe as you move. Plastic bins are also a good way to keep your stuff safe as you move. They are capable of holding more items compared to boxes.

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